And finally this  are the best 10 fonts released in 2013. Click in the name of every font to see full details. :

  1. Brandon Text  by HVD Fonts.
  2. Nanami Font by Thinkdust.
  3. Canaro by Rene Bieder.
  4. Tide Sans by Kyle Benson.
  5. Niveau Grotesk by HVD Fonts.
  6. Trend by Latinotype.
  7. Core Circus by S-Core.
  8. Wishes Script by Typesenses.
  9. Voyage Font by Fenotype.
  10. Zulia by Sudtipos

You can check the full details in this site dedicated to the 100 fonts of 2013:

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Still Unemployed - A longboard slide edit. 

Check out some footage of my latest afternoon in Southend. 

Theotis beasley is just so dope. It doesn’t even need to be a skate vid and he still shreds. But seriously - the nicest guy in the world. Best of luck for this young pros future.

Unemployed PT.2. - A still no work edit. 

Here’s the second in the Unemployed series - again all just a bit of fun with some friends, one day in a skatepark in essex. Enjoy! 

Unemployed - an end of summer no work edit. 

Here’s a short edit from one day in my local skatepark, no it’s not the best tricks, or the best filming (not bad for an iphone though) but hey it’s a bit of fun - enjoy! 

Really great video about Andrew Reynolds and his obsession to get his tricks the way he sees them. I think anyone can relate this amount of passion to something in their life, but this much dedication? Man, I’d just be stoked to land anything. Andrew Reynolds is a freaking god. 

(via - sirmitchell)

Killian Martin - A skate Illustration. 

Yes, he’s back, the all spinning, all sliding, Killian Martin. I did think this was just gonna be the same old thing - but NO, he has stepped it UP. Truly ridiculous tricks, great video by Brett Novak. 

As a good friend of mine says: ” I love watching the videos where they don’t understand what they’re meant to be doing”

Relentless Short Stories - Good morning Gravity featuring Niki Croft. 

Firstly Niki Croft is a freaking god. Everything SO big, everything SO hardcore, SO british. 

However being as hardcore as he is, he has his crashes. In fact at the London bike show, he had a big one. 

Relentless gives you a window in to what happened, but more importantly in to what happened to Niki personally. 

Great video, and always great to see how Relentless keep the UK in their sights. 

And I think more than ever - Always wear a helmet. 

More BMX Videos

Nike 6.0 - Standby Barcelona Winner. 

And don’t they bloody deserve it! 

I must admit, I moved away from BMX for a bit, started Longboarding a lot, and then BAM, I can’t stop myself watching more and more BMX, and this is the best yet. 

Watch and see, but all I’ll say is - DECADE, IN STREET RIDING!? WHAT?

Nike 6.0 - The Pool (but with skateboards).

I’ve been watching a lot of “The Pool” footage, mainly because I’m from the hearty rounded world of Essex myself, yet this is the first edit I’ve seen without bikes!

Well, no matter that, because it’s an awesome edit, and props for trying a noseblunt on that extension - insane.

My only thought about all this is, why is the pool not staying? Its obviously working, why get rid of it?

Makes no sense to this young man.


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